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Research in the Schachner Lab utilizes an integrative approach to ask questions about the anatomy, physiology, and evolution of extinct and extant vertebrates


Our work is broadly focused on:


  * 1 - The origin and evolution of major morphological and physiological innovations in vertebrates
  * 2 - Form and function relationships in vertebrate morphology
  * 3 - Soft tissue biology of extinct vertebrates

  * 4 - Visual communication in Science



To address these specific questions, our primary areas of research are focused on:


  * The evolution of the amniote respiratory system: including structural diversity, ecomorphology, physiology from an evolutionary perspective 

* Development of the bronchial tree and air sacs in birds

  * Modeling the impact of trauma, disease, and obesity on the avian respiratory system using micro-computed tomography (µCT) and 3D segmentation

* Reconstructing the soft tissue biology of extinct archosauromorphs 

* Paleopathology of extinct archosaurs

We integrate data from the fossil record with anatomical, physiological, and developmental studies of extant animals using dissection, experimental methods, immunohistochemistry, motion analysis, materials testing, digital modeling, and 3D medical-grade and high-resolution computed tomography (CT) imagery

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