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Postdoctoral researcher 

Dr. Baumgart has a PhD from the University of Chicago (2021) in Integrative Biology. She is interested in the evolution of avian flight and postcranial pneumaticity.


We welcome interest from potential graduate students for the fall of 2023 through the UF College of Vet Med. Contact PI Schachner for more information at eschachner @

For more information on the graduate program in the Department of Physiological Sciences at the UF CVM: click here

Current Graduate Students

Andy Grand Pre, PhD

PhD student in Clinical Anatomy (at LSU Health in NOLA)

Dr. Grand Pre has a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania (2010) from the Dept. of Earth & Environmental Sciences. His work is on the respiratory biology of alligators and extinct crocodylomorph archosaurs.


Aracely Martinez

PhD Student in Clinical Anatomy (at LSU Health in NOLA)

Aracely Martinez has an MS in Anatomy Education from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Her current research focuses on the anatomy and imaging of the avian respiratory system.


Jazmine Aguilar

MS Student in Biomedical Sciences (at LSU Health in NOLA)

Jazmine Aguilar is studying the anatomy of the chameleon respiratory system using microCT and 3D modeling. 


Former PhD Students 
  • Dr. Adam Lawson PhD: Assistant Professor, Tulane University School of Medicine

Current medical, dental and veterinary students

  • Farid Abou-Issa (LSUHSC School of Medicine)


Former medical and veterinary students

  • Arsys E'Etessam (LSUHSC School of Dentistry) 

  • Jonathan Bergeron (LSUHSC School of Medicine)

  • Brandon Bergeron MD (2020-2022) LSUHSC School of Medicine): Resident at U of Alabama SOM

  • O'Shea Cleveland DVM (2016) LSU School of Veterinary Medicine: Private practice


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