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UF Vet Med


Small Animal Anatomy (fall) and Large Animal Anatomy (spring)

LSU Health - New Orleans (2016-2022)


Co-Course Director: Fall 2016-2022 Dental Anatomy (with a gross anatomy lab) 


Faculty: Summer 2016-2022 Allied Health Anatomy (with a gross anatomy lab)

Special Topics in Clinical Anatomy 2018, 2019

LSU School of Veterinary Medicine (2015)


Instructor: 2015 Veterinary Gross Anatomy (with a canine gross anatomy lab)

University of Utah (2010 - 2013)


Co-Instructor: 2012, 2013 Computational Paleophysiology 


Co-Instructor: 2010 Comparative Vertebrate Morphology



University of Pennsylvania (2006 - 2010)


Guest Lecturer: 2009 Evolution of the Dinosaurs


Graduate Teaching Assistant: 2008, 2009 Earth Through Time


Graduate Teaching Assistant: 2007 Introduction to Geology



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