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Monographs and descriptions

We are involved in multiple descriptions of new and poorly known taxa. Past projects include:


1) Description of the basal archosaur Poposaurus gracilis (YPM 57100) in collaboration with Randall Irmis (University of Utah), Sterling Nesbitt (Virginia Tech), and Bob Cieri (Univ. of the Sunshine Coast)


2) Description of a new species of giant oviraptor from the Late Cretaceous of North America in collaboration with Matt Lamanna (Carnegie Museum), Hans Sues (Smithsonian Institution) and Tyler Lyson (Smithsonian Institution)



The appendicular skeleton of P. gracilis demonstrates an unusual level of bilateral asymmetry. Percent directional asymmetry has been calculated from caliper based morphometric measurements of specific hindlimb elements. Pronounced directional asymmetry was found in virtually all measures of length, width, circumference and robusticity in all major long bones as well as the calcaneum and astragalus


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