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Aracely Martinez receives two research grants: the AAA travel fellowship to visit the Hedrick Lab at Cornell University, and the Jurassic Foundation grant to fund her research into avian postcranial pneumaticity.  

Dr. Andy Grand Pre successfully defends his thesis proposal! 

Dr. Adam Lawson's Parrot Lung model wins 1st Place in the AAA BioArt Competition 


PhD student Aracely Martinez joins the lab

Adam Lawson Defends his thesis and accepts a faculty position at Tulane University School of Medicine

PhD student Adam Lawson's African grey parrot research featured on the cover of the Journal of Morphology

Alligator/Ostrich project featured on the cover of the Journal of Anatomy


COVID-19 Research with Dr. Bradley Spieler wins Image of the Year award

Dinosaur Lung TEDx published as a full TED talk


Andy Grand Pre, PhD (2010, Univ of Pennsylvania) joins the lab to complete his second PhD in Clinical Anatomy


Snapping turtle lung research published in the Journal of Anatomy and featured on the cover.



Turtle shell research published in the journal Current Biology describing a new hypothesis for the origin of the turtle shell

Joined the faculty at the LSUHSC School of Medicine, Department of Cell Biology & Anatomy



Oviraptorosaur (Anzu wyliei) research covered world wide by various news organizations 


Publication of a new species of oviraptorosaurian dinosaur in the open access journal PLoS One with colleages at the Carnegie Museum and the Smithsonian Institution


Joining the lab of Dr. Mandi Lopez at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine in May of 2014



Monitor lizard work is covered by national and international news organizations including Nature News, National Geographic , Scientific American, The Salt Lake Tribune, and Yahoo news


Publication of monitor lizard 'uniflow' research in Nature, and makes the front page of the website


Publication in PeerJ makes the front page of the website.


Oral presentation at the Experimental Biology meeting in Boston on turtle lung morphology

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